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Rethink the Way You Think

Bridging the Gap Between Big Problems & Innovative Solutions

Hi there,
I'm Simmy Kustanowitz


As an Emmy-nominated TV producer, I've spent my career bringing creative projects of every scale to life.


Today, I use my workshops to lead organizations and businesses to sustainable success through the power of creativity and elevated strategies.

What would a Hollywood producer know about navigating the complex challenges of corporate business? Over my two decades in roles such as Executive Producer, Chief Creative Officer, Network Executive and Showrunner, I've learned one evergreen rule:  

There is NO problem too big for an innovative, creative solution.


My various and deepening professional experiences have given me the tools and insights necessary to simplify and streamline the creative process, yielding tangible results time and again. Colleagues have called me an "idea guy" and a "creative fixer", but you don’t need to be a Hollywood mastermind to achieve creative solutions. You just need

the right strategies to get you from Point A to Point B, and that's exactly what I'm here to provide.

How Simmy Brings Big Ideas to Life:


Game-Changing Workshops

Simmy's signature workshop series “Rethink The Way You Think" empowers teams and organizations with fresh ideas and practical strategies they can use to transform their creative process and yield consistent results. Featuring flexible 60-minute and multi-day options - tailored to your team's needs - this package is guaranteed to inspire and elevate your operation.


Collaborative Idea Generation & Execution

Need a BIG idea to power your next creative endeavor?

Simmy will work with you to brainstorm innovative concepts, create a streamlined plan for implementation, and execute your vision with the expertise of a Hollywood-scale production.


Expert Production Services

Once you’re ready to turn your vision into real-world material, Simmy's got you covered. His decades of experience in unique storytelling and out-of-the-box marketing strategies will provide the resources you need to tell your brand’s story right.

Meghan McCartan

Chief Marketing Officer,

Hightower Advisors

"We engaged with Simmy to conduct a session around brainstorming—but more than that, kick-starting creative thinking and new ideas. I could not have asked more from the session. Simmy went out of his way to prep and know the brand and our challenges ahead of the session, so it felt very custom and personal (because it was). This is one of the best sessions I’ve been a part of all year (and probably well beyond that!)"

Cory Baker

Founder & Managing Partner,

Consortium Brand Partners

“Simmy has a unique ability to use his creative process to work with team members across all departments. Our group was able to learn, laugh and truly make progress together toward better team practices. Everyone was raving.”

Gregory Guttman

Chief Marketing Officer,

MAC Property Management

"Simmy broke down the process of creativity and trained our leasing consultants to generate fun and meaningful moments for prospects.  He captured our team's attention with an interactive presentation that included hilarious stories and videos.  Once Simmy deconstructed the creativity process, everyone started looking for problems to solve instead of avoid.  Our team can't wait for another workshop with Simmy."

Annie Levenson Hoffnung

Chief HR Officer,

Joele Frank

"Simmy kept his audience engaged and inspired throughout the session. We not only walked away with practical strategies to apply to daily tasks, but we also had a blast. I can’t recommend him enough - even those who believe they aren’t in the creative environment. In fact, I’m looking forward to having him back again!"

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